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10 years ago today, I released 'Sonic Breaks his Neck' into the wild, an emotional tale of the day Sonic the Hedgehog tripped over a monitor and broke his neck. Knuckles released some pent up anger, Tails went mentally strange and Amy blew her head clean off. It featured the outstanding vocal talents of myself, MableTheRabbid, Black-Charizard and psykeo-0 and truly was something... 'special' :p Although most of you will only be aware of it from the brief glimpses in the Impossible Quizzes...

I'll always have a sweet spot for it, as it was the first animation I made that became quite popular... especially on Newgrounds where it made the frontpage. It also caused a bit of an UPROAR with a certian special child known as chasethehedgehog but the less said about that the better. B-)

Anyways, Happy Birthday Sonic Breaks his Neck! Now lets all go to Eggman's for a right good piss up! :drunk::party:

...10 YEARS!? Christ. I'll be dead soon.
So, as I mentioned in a previous journal, i'm making a new game! It's called "The Impossible Dream" and it's a spiritual successor to the Impossible Quiz - similar but different. It's still in the early stages so wont be ready for a long while yet, but i'm excited... it should be fun :D It involves dreeeeeeams and nightmares...

It's still very much a work in progress, so things will probably look a bit different come release. I highly recommend following me on Tumblr, i'm a lot more active there than I am here. Plus there's more Impossible Dream stuff! ---> Splapp-me-do's Super Sputum
By the way, some amazing people have created an Impossible Quiz Wiki. It has answers to all the questions from all the quizzes, as well as the logic, trivia and all sorts of other really cool stuff. Well worth a look if you're interested in the quizzes! It's here ---> http://impossible-quiz.wikia.c…
Exciting! That's all i'm saying for now though. You should probably follow me on Tumblr:

The brand new Christmas episode of Badly Drawn Dawg is out now on YouTube. DA and Newgrounds versions coming later on today. Enjoy!


Don't forget to watch in 1080p!
...will be out this weekend. Most likely Sunday! Aww yiss.

Good news everyone! Badly Drawn Dog is back for a Testicular Adventure this Christmas... in HD and WIDESCREEN nonetheless! What is a testicular adventure, you might ask? Well... you'll just have to wait and see. For some screenshots and more updates, go to my Tumblr page here:

Hello peoples,

You can now watch my latest cartoon Organ Story right here on the deviantARTS. Also, just a reminder that it's also available on YouTube and also on Newgrounds and you can also find me on Tumblr and Twitter :thumbsup:

Bye for now! B-)

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Oh, by the way... ORGAN STORY is out now! Links here:

Newgrounds:… (Vote 5!!)
Youtube:… (HD is best)

I'll upload to DA some other time... in the meantime, (try to) enjoy!! B-)
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Good news everyone, Organ Story is practically done! The main animation is complete, now it's just a case of adding polish and making it all lovely... so i've set a date of September 15th to release it. That gives me plenty of time! (I hope)

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Organ Story is coming together nicely, i'm aiming for a September release at the moment... still got quite a bit of work to do on it. For anyone wondering, it's a strange musical tale following a guy called Lloyd's internal organs as they deteriorate over time. It's quite dark, but in a light-hearted way (if that makes any sense). There are plenty of screenshots and other info about it over on my Tumblr page here: Splapp-me-do's Super Sputum

Also, look at this: Bread&Crows This fine pair of hardhatted crows are using their steel-tipped beaks to drill deep into the core of the internet. They're gathering materials for the all-new Bread&Crows website (for which i'll be providing a lot of artwork!). However we're also looking for MORE ARTISTS to do a little bit of work on a few things, so if you're interested then drop an email to contact [at] breadandcrows [dot] com with a bit about yourself and some examples of your work.

That's it for now!

Splapp xoxoxoxox
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So, i've created a Tumblr account because it seems like the in-thing at the moment. I'll be posting updates about Organ Story, and other mindless drivel, so if you're into that kind of thing give it a follow!

Here's the link:
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I'm still alive! I've just sort of neglected this place... but anyways, i'm working on a new animation tentatively called "Organ Story". Hopefully i'll actually get round to finishing this one haha.

*slopes off for a year*
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Yes you sick little monkeys, Chapter 3 is out now!! Go and play it here:…

ALSO!! Chapter 1 is out on NEWGROUNDS!! Vote 5 please!…

And it will be released on DEVIANTART later on today B-)

Have fun! :D
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Yo yo yo, Chapter 3 is slated in for release next Monday. That's 30th January 2012. Not long to wait, and i'll let you know if this changes. Whoop whoop whoop! So, if you've got any questions, ask away.
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Sirs and Misses!

The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 3 is completed, and will be released very soon... once I have a release date for it i'll post it on here. I've stripped it down a bit after Chapter 2, so expect the following:

- You'll be jumping from different eras in time! From the Stone-age, to World War II
- Catastrophes have been (mostly) scrapped. Seemed like too much effort for something that only a small handful of people will ever bother attempting.
- Originally, you were going to get a Lifebuoy and a Skip as your powerups in Chapter 3, but after realising that the Lifebuoy wasn't exactly great, i've decided a Fusestopper and a Skip will be more fun.
- It's probably not as good as Chapter 2, because lets face it... that was AWESOME haha!
- This is the last Impossible Quiz ever, and when you complete it you'll know you've finished it for good :p

Anyways, I'll keep you posted.

Splappy Christmas!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 24, 2011, 6:43 AM
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:holly: Merry Christmas everyone! :holly:

Yes, i'm still alive and well. My sub is just about to run out, so before I go.... look out for this, coming in the new year!

(Work in progress shots)

Badly Drawn Dawg Collection, out now!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 1, 2011, 2:56 AM
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Yes, today's the day! :D As some of you may already know, Series 1 - 3 of Badly Drawn Dawg are now available to buy on DVD and Bluray. Each series has been remasterd into MIND-BOGGLINGLY high definition so it looks gorgeous (well, as gorgeous as a badly drawn dog can look) on the big screen. :thumbsup:

There's plenty of special features included too:

- One brand new episode "Fan" exclusive to DVD and Bluray.
- Commentary on all of the episodes
- Behind the scenes documentary and making of
- Trailer for the movie, due December 2011
- Much much more!

It's available to buy now at here: and here for £9.99.

LittleBIGPlanet 2 Beta

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 20, 2010, 9:19 AM
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I've been in the LittleBIGPlanet 2 Beta for the last couple of weeks, and haven't been able to speak about anything at all to anyone. But they've just lifted the NDA and we're now allowed to talk about it!


I made a Micro Machines level, and I think it's pretty awesome. B-) Some kind soul has uploaded a video of it here:…

I also made a Creatinator gun that fires eyeballs that stick together in clumps, a semi-functioning Katamari, a lovesick space monster that vomits hearts, and remade the LBP1 Pod music using the Music sequencer. This game is amazing. You will not believe what you can do with it...

Anyway, as I can now talk about it... if anyone wants to ask me anything about it, I can answer you.

Here's some screenshots of other things i've made! This is Lovesick, the eternally heartbroken space monster. I made her for flying machine competition, so spent quite a bit of time creating her. She vomits hearts! :love:


And this is how she's made. Oh god. So messy. I am a messy creator:

Also, here's a creatinator (an emitter for your HEAD) that fires out sticky eyeballs:


Journal Entry: Fri Sep 10, 2010, 1:13 AM
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Yeah, Chapter 2 is finally in the wild! Go and play it here:…

First person to get an A with proof gets a trophy, immortalised forever in the ACTUAL GAME! Zomg!!1 B-)

EDIT: Whoops, apologies for the uhhh... "technical hitches", but the the quiz should be working now. Have fun!

DOUBLE EDIT: Haha bear with me, the game STILL isn't working. If you've managed to get it to load, you're actually playing a really old incomplete version... so I suggest you stop playing =p

FINAL EDIT I SWEAR: It really is working now. CLICK HERE:………

If you come across any bugs, then i'd be grateful if you could let me know. I'm already aware of one involving a FREE LIFEBUOY... YOU DON'T GET THEM FOR FREEEEE